A Company has five brands

Mobility has always been a topic which had excited us incessantly, and, therefore, a close and loyal companion for the wonderful creation of the Berlin Tires family. We plan, manage and coordinate all company and product processes from our Headquarters in Berlin and draw us responsible for the advanced development of the five we represent brands from the tire, rims and E-Bike industry.

It established values such as experience, confidence and comprehension, but also our visionary idea, which will allow us to identify the relationship between the product and the market at an early stage and successfully.

We will also continue to expand in the future, our growing number of satisfied customers, dealers and distributors. Are you full of expectation, looking forward to our horizontal and vertical diversification of our brands, Berlin Tires, MAM alloy wheels, KESKIN WHEELS, Keskin eBike and Syron Tyres.

We can assist you personally or in our Online partner shop available, and thank you, and a growing fan base in over 45 countries..


With the focus on sporting Ultra-High-Performance tire, the young and innovative brand BERLIN TIRES puts a sign in the tire market.
MAM stands for exclusive Designs and quality in the rim manufacture. The original rims inspire individuals with a claim.
The brand KESKIN WHEELS, with a wide range of Rims is since the beginning of the Tuning scene concept.
SYRON TIRES is specialized in the production of high-performance tires, the any special requirement.
As Keskin eBike, we believe in the future of micro-mobility, and in the power of green energy. With years of experience and our Expertise, we offer high-quality, affordable products and services in the European market.