Tips and tricks for cleaning rims

How to get shiny rims in just a few steps


Rims are an important part of any vehicle, whether it is a car or a bicycle. Not only do they add to the vehicle’s appearance, they also affect its handling and safety.


That is why it is essential to clean and maintain your rims regularly to protect them from dirt, brake dust, salt and other harmful elements. This blog post shows you how to clean and maintain your rims to keep them shiny for a long time.




You will need the following tools to clean your rims properly:


  • A water hose or a high-pressure cleaner
  • A brush or sponge
  • A rim cleaner suitable for the type of rim you have
  • Rim polishing compound
  • Microfibre towel


To remove coarse dirt, you should first rinse the rims with water or with a high-pressure washer. Be careful not to get too close to the rims. Adjust the pressure so as not to damage the rims.


Then use a brush or sponge and rim cleaner to clean the rims thoroughly.


Spray the rim cleaner evenly over the entire rim. Leave to work for a short time. The cleaner should foam and possibly change colour as it reacts with the brake dust.


Then scrub the rim thoroughly. Do not forget to clean the spaces between the rims and the inside of the rim. After cleaning, it is advisable to rinse the rims with water and rub them dry with a microfibre cloth.




To protect your rims from getting dirty again and to maintain their shine, you should seal them after cleaning. There are various products available for rim sealing, such as wax, spray or nano sealant.


Choose a product that is suitable for your rim. Apply according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The sealant forms a protective layer on the surface of your rims. It repels water, dirt, and brake dust.




  • Clean your rims regularly. This will prevent them from becoming dirty. Depending on riding conditions, you should clean your rims at least once a month, or more often if they are very dirty.


  • Use a rim cleaner suitable for your car. There are different types of wheel rims. Cleaning steel, aluminium, chrome or painted rims has different requirements. Avoid using aggressive or acidic cleaners. They can damage the surface of the rims.


  • Apply the sealant regularly to protect your rims from dirt. The sealant should be applied several times a year or after each cleaning.


  • Take care not to spray the cleaner and sealant on the tyres or other parts of the vehicle. This may cause damage or stains.


  • To prevent the rims from drying out too quickly, they should be cleaned in the shade. This may cause streaks or stains.


  • Respect the environment. Use environmentally friendly detergents.




Regular cleaning and care of your rims is important for the appearance and function of your vehicle.


You can restore the lustre of your wheels and keep them shining for a long time with the right tools and a few simple steps.


Not only will you have the pleasure of beautiful wheels, but you will also have the best possible protection for your vehicle.